quick sloppy doodle to say THANK YOU GUYS for getting to $2k here!! ;__; 

i'm going to get to that mini comic from the 2k goal after chapter 4 is complete! i know i already asked for suggestions on what the comic should be about, but i think i'll make a poll at the end of chap 4 in case anyone changes their mind on those by then.

THE NEXT GOAL is 2700 for some cool merch project!! i might also make a poll for that one if it's reached later on too, because i'm indecisive ???? wanna make sure you guys are gettin what u want! i have a few different ideas to choose from heheh....

anyway thanks again you guys so much!!! your support means the world to me?? im still endlessly shocked every time i see the number going up T__T ! thanks ahh ... i wanna keep making cool new content as much as i can for u!! <3

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