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Spain is a wonderful, fascinating country, full of history and politics and personal struggles and adventures; from ongoing, complex issues like 60% youth unemployment, the rise of Podemos and the alternative left, or the existential challenge of Catalan independence, to more immediate, urgent stories like the Ebola crisis, a major accident, the abdication of the King or a crime that shocks the nation and forces Spaniards to question their deepest values.

The only problem—for most people—is that it all happens in Spanish, and those gripping tales are also smothered by thick layers of cultural context, controversial history and political nuance.

I can help you with that. I have been in Spain for most of the past 20 years. My degree is in languages and linguistics, and I love writing and translating and travelling and listening to people’s stories. I created and built The Spain Report for the last five of those years, before being forced to close it; we just ran out of cash. It was the wrong vehicle for this journey.

Journalism generally—and foreign correspondence particularly—have been in crisis for years. As readers and viewers, we are overloaded with data and information—especially entertainment—but lack meaning and context about real stories, events and trends that are changing all of our societies.

That is a shame because they are all around us if we take the time to observe and listen.

Patreon allows me to do a wonderful job directly for readers. It’s simple: you become a patron (supporter) and I can do more and better Spain reporting and analysis for you.

Take full advantage of my years of experience of the many different levels of Spain the country and society and Spanish the language to increase your own understanding of the stories changing this nation.

The insights will be relevant to the changing society you live in too.

Choose whichever monthly level works best for you: $3, $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 or $100. They all help me and they all give you access to more top quality Spain journalism every week.

The upper levels also get you  Q&A sessions, full-length interview transcripts and access to me, so you can ask your own questions.

My goals are all related to doing better reporting for you, with more professional equipment, across more of the country, in a more sustainable manner, so please contribute as much as you think you can.

You  guarantee independent journalism into the future, free of ads and corporate or political influence. Together, we can do great things.

Every reader and every pledge counts. 

Thank you. 

Matthew Bennett 

Readers say:

“I follow you on Twitter, so…I love all the content you have it there. I just needed to do my bit for you to keep going! Thanks for the AWESOME job you do!” 

“I feel happier paying a small amount each month rather than having them stay introducing loads of adverts / product placements etc. What keeps me subscribed is the ongoing content being available - and the thought that I'm contributing to quality content.” 

“Love the journalism you do. We need many more like you in Spain, where there is not much impartiality around.” 

“Of course, maximum respect for your work and focus, especially with the Catalan issue, so glad you weren’t another “guiri” who had swallowed all the Catalan government lies and nationalist assumptions—we have so many of those here!—and have kept a factual perspective on the whole thing.” 

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