Thanks for being my Pioneer Patrons!
Hi Ya'll,

  You may have noticed that you are now officially my Patrons! First of all I have to say Thank you for believing in me.  Also, I want to update you with my goals this month.  

This month is all about housekeeping.  Here is a bullet list of what I'm doing:

 - Selling old music equipment and upgrading for better quality sound

- Planning Album Art with Lefty Pebble of Lefty Pebble Studios

- Planning with Alisdair Lee of Sacred Shaman Studios when/where to record using an acoustic piano rather than midi for a more personal and authentic sound.

I am also working on documenting this process in a more personal way so I can share updates with you a few times a week.

Thanks for your proactive support, 2017 is gonna be a great year for us!