Thanks for helping spread awareness of engineering education
Once again, I have to say thank you to my generous donors/supporters/listeners/patrons here on Patreon for this July 2017.  It's Independence Day soon.  It reminds me that I'm really lucky and privileged to be able to say I make educational products as my "job" right now, without a classic "boss".  That means I can meet great people with interesting ideas on education, explore fun new toys and games, and work on something personally fulfilling, all at the same time.  Isn't that crazy that this could be a job?  Thanks for helping me ride that crazy-train a little longer.

A few days ago, because of my podcast, I met an impressive local co-founder of an education startup. She teaches kids how to code in Python -- a unique initiative here in Austin that seems to be working.  After exchanging many useful ideas and tips, I asked her how she had the time to go to all her events, to participate in all her meetings, to hire so many teachers, and to teach all the kids  directly that she does.  She said it would be flat-out impossible, if not for the fact that she was able to quit her old job and work on her own startup business full-time, or more than full-time, really.  People like her push hard to get their projects rolling.  They push hard also in the hopes of inspiring others to help them push.  This holiday, I'm reminded to push hard, too.

The K12 Engineering Education Podcast will start off the month with an episode featuring another founder of an education startup: EJ Zain.  Ms. Zain, like other education founders, has been working to solve a problem in her own community.  She started her business to give kids at her local elementary school a chance to do a lot of fun, hands-on creative projects in science, engineering, and art, which they were lacking in school.  She has to tackle challenges in designing curriculum, hiring staff, teaching mixed-age classes, pitching to investors, winning over parents and schools, and fostering good character in her young students.  This episode is about why Ms. Zain and her team think all this work is worth it.

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