Thanks for your patronage in November!

A warm welcome to Sarah Plunkett, our newest Patron!

Guess what: we've hit another goal!! I appreciate you all so much!

My husband just got out of the hospital (sudden illness - he's okay now but has outpatient stuff to do), and I'm busy  writing The Ace of Clubs: Book 3 of the Red Dog Conspiracy during NaNoWriMo.

(the photo is one I'm considering for the cover)

So I'm not going to have a ton of extra time this month. But I want to give you all some fun stuff!

Here's what is coming for November:

  • $1 and up Patrons: the next installment of The Jacq of Spades (start here to catch up)
  • $2 and up Patrons: more behind the scenes stuff for The Jacq of Spades (book 1)
  • $5 and up Patrons: this month's character discussion!

If we get any people in the higher tiers this month, then I'll make something up for them when they join. But there are lots of great things to look at while waiting! So if you're interested in pledging a certain level be sure to let me know.

Now for our goal prize! I'll make up The Jacq of Spades soundtrack and get it to all you lovely Patrons just as soon as I can (maybe a week or so?)

I hope this month is awesome for you!


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