Thanks for your support!
Whether you pledge a little or a lot, I appreciate it. Most likely by now you've noticed I haven't been drawing popular stuff at all. It's been totally 5C related.

If you've been following me for the last two years you know I have been really struggling with my art and how it fits into my life. I nearly left it last year, and I am very close to it now.

You guys helping me 5C is the only thing i want to do art for. I have UDON work, I have commissions requests, and I am having a very very hard time getting myself to do it.

I'm tempted to take a portion of the money I made elsewhere to send myself to school for auto mechanics and renovation. At least then the moral conundrum can be stopped.

If you guys will read it, I will provide it. And even if you don't , I will still try to finish this story this year.

If 5C doesn't work, then I'm done. I've already stopped all conventions, though I will do Mexico City since it's for teaching which I do very much like. 

Tomorrow i will get the $10 patron gifts ready!