Thanks from Indiana
Last week, my cat Indiana Jones started acting weird and upset, and so I took him into the vet. He had to get bloodwork, X-rays, IV fluids, and stay for a few days. It's bad enough to have to worry about my cat's health, but there was also the issue of money. That's why I'm posting this here: this month's pledges helped me put a significant dent in Indiana's medical bills, and helped me worry just a bit less about that so I could focus on other things (like the cat [and my babies (and my wife, who is in India for work)]). Thank you so much for helping us. I don't want to act like I've got the biggest medical bill issues this week – that goes to Brandon Boyer, who needs help with a $100K bill for cancer treatment ( ) – but these issues have definitely been weighing on me, and would be a lot worse without your support.