Thanks, or "I'm Happy If You're Happy"
So, on that list of "good problems to have," I have a lot of subscribers to thank. Below is the list of new, returning, and continuing subscriptions, as of today:

Jennifer Day
Jonathan Korman
Bonnie Sentinel
Lara Cripe
Lee R Wilder
Veronika von Volkova
KIA Invisible Agents
Audrey Penven
Caroline Sinders
Chauncey Saurus
Steve Burnett
Chris Novus
Ahmet A. Sabancı
Siri K. Gaski
Ben Schapiro
Jeffrey Miller
David Forbes
Rob Ray
Jason A. Clark
Johannes Kleske
Sarah Kirkpatrick
Daniel Garcia
Hugh Platt
Jason Beamish
Ben Thacker
d. a.
Katy Fulfer
Ian Muller
The Daily Grail
thomas henderson
Josh Samuels
Christopher Joseph
Damien Walter
Sam Stander
Dan Ani Ozni
Kim Boekbinder
Lucy Swope
Rudi Dornemann
Adam F
Matthew Hartwell
Morpheus Ravenna
Al Billings
ant s.
Bobby Campbell
Ben Ostrowsky
Bill Ernoehazy
Alexander Murray-Watters
T. Thorn Coyle
Josh Teneycke
Steven Geddes
megan rothstein
Michael Hellwig
Jacob Pauli
Adam H
James Frew
Paul Moffat
Vix Lingr
Arikia Millikan
Nico Goldreyer

There are a few others who either asked not to be mentioned, or said they didn't need thanks, so if they want to name themselves, they can. But to all of you (even the unnamed): Thank you so very much.

I really appreciate every single thing you do, from monetary pledges to telling your friends about what we do around here. Don't forget that you have a little autumn-themed something extra, right here.

For those of you who would, for whatever reason, rather not sign up for a monthly subscription, but still feel like contributing something, one-time donations are also appreciated, and shouting my name and all this information from the rooftops is damn near free.

Either way: Thank you.

Until Next Time.