Thanks patrons!
Hello patrons! 

I am overwhelmed by the response to my Patreon. I am super energized to keep creating and documenting every thing I invent or discover during the creative process. 

Bellow I added a summary of what's on my plate since a long time, currently in different degrees of progress. This will give you a sense of what to expect to see on my website in the next months and year. 

Also, there's one work in progress projects for which I truly want to post screenshots and updates while I still keep a bit of mystery I hope.
 In any case, either through my secret project, trough my daily work in the office, through the jam coding sessions I often allow myself to dive into, I am sure I'll stump into new ideas and techniques worth writing about or putting in video form, that I'll add to the list below or even publishing in some form.

I will also consider streaming live coding sessions, but that will come a bit later when Real Life (TM) lets me do so.  Feel free to send suggestion or ideas my way too, I'll have a look to all of them. In the meanwhile, this is my plan: 

New Articles

  • eye occlusion
  • box function
  • how to divide two vectors
  • procedural spherical harmonics
  • ellipse functions
  • normals and tricks
  • on prime numbers
  • quadratic beziers
  • revisit VR stereo article
  • LOD for clouds
  • box mapping and others
  • bounce light in forests
  • the deep maths of Julia Sets
  • culling in distance fields
  • lighting
  • reflection
  • area of tiangles and polygons, and stuff
  • analytic motion blur for a sphere
  • C++ black boxing, methods
  • projections
  • quintinc metaballs
  • correct blending
  • fake soft shadows in terrains

Live coding videos

  • modeling snail, process
  • modeling elephant, process

Math Videos

  • second Collatz conjecture video
  • Diophantine equations
  • the deep maths of Julia Sets 

Replace  old article downloadable binaries by WebGL interactives

  • volumetric sorting
  • plane deform
  • game of life

Code and Executables

  • publish the Image Monitor tool
  • publish the Live Coding Editor
  • add piLibs to GitHub
  • add piLibsJS to GitHub
  • add piLibs examples to GitHub

Fixes to the Website

  • make layout it readable in Mobile
  • fix all UTF problems

Secret Projects

  • Secret Project 1
  • [no more Secret Projects for now] 

Talk to you very soon. Thanks again!