Thanks to my patrons, all websites now have basic operational costs covered!
Time goes by fast when you are having fun!

Since last update, more patrons have joined in supporting my scientific skepticism and science education efforts and crushed both Goal #2 and #3.

With 6 patrons and $14 per month, it is enough money to cover the basic operational costs of Debunking Denialism, Defending Science  and the feature website Emil Skeptic.

Content is currenetly being regularily posted on both of the core websites with an average of one post per weekday per website. This has trippled the average traffic for Debunking Denialism.

The next goal will to get a more advanced hosting plans for Debunking Denialism that provides a lot more storage for important documents, extensive design customizations and open up avenues for monetization.

Thank you for all of your support,