Thanks Wondercon attendees! + free printable
GREETings at this midnyte houre! ^v^

Wondercon 2017 has come and gone, and I did last minute prep for that after sending patrons their exclusive content behind the Patreon wall. THANK you to everyone who stopped by, bought books, talked shop, and helped managed the table! *gratitude* It made my itty bitty corner of Wondercon all the warmer. :) First convention (after a hiatus of two years) where I brought more titles than my fuzzy brain could promote. My small press table was 8 ft long, and I still couldn't display everything!

Considering that I'd love to have a 60 book back list like really well-to-do romance writers, I'm going to have to rethink my displays. :)

WELCOME to anyone newly following this public feed! Your free printable is a "movie poster" version of FAE CAME ON THE PLANE!  (right-click to save). I was trying to go back to a retro 70s disaster film look, but instead it looks like 70s kung fu. Huh.

IF you scroll the archive to previous public posts, you can pick up two more printables to enjoy, one for Elle Black's POISON GARDEN  and another for Darquepunk Nuit's RAPACIOUS . :)

What's next for patrons:
For Salon members, I may talk about Gorgons and the blind women who love them. Heh-heh :D But seriously, it will be a character development post and in-depth look into Euryale...and maybe the chicks who love her. This will also be a wet drapery kind of post, so expect soaked women.

Secret Library
members are probably going to get the first chapters of TAUR, the 2nd Euryale and Elvie book in progress. The story more or less begins, of course, with wet women << *theme*

VIP Red Card members will get the 2nd installment of the Euryale+Elvie PWP ("plot, what plot?") An Aquarium Outing. And yes, at some point, women get wet. Outing may conclude in 3 if not in 2 parts, and then VIP members can look forwards to a Darquepunk story I now have the absolute gratuitous pleasure to bring tae ya: HELLCAT AND KITTEN.

AS Secret Library and above patrons had experienced with the HELOISE short, Darquepunk stories tend to have an introspective depth to them. I don't know why; Nico is a very complicated vampire, Heloise is one of my few actual mature and well lived ladies---being nearly 100 years olde---and Shayla's just Shayla, which makes for a great foible. I also get to explore an actual triad, one that's meant to be a Y formation but ended up a triangle, and it's a hilarious, awkward, bewildering, earthy, and gratifying troika.

The premise for HELLCAT AND KITTEN is, Heloise and Nico take a space cruise on Darquekind's version of the Love Boat. Except the story isn't turning out that way. ^,.,^

*and now whilst the Love Boat theme plays~~*

Good night,