Thanks yous are being revised
Hey there everyone, you all know thank yous are the hardest part of my rewards, for a variety of reasons. First of all, on the months that I do them, I don't skimp on them. Because of that, by the time my thank yous are done, I end up with about 8 pages of 'thank you' material on a single spaced word document (as I back up all thank yous, because of Patreon's message system haha). 

This isn't a lot to give for what you all give me, let me clarrify that now, but what it does do is lead me to procrastinate. This on top of the 50% of the time functional messanger, and people aren't getting their messages and I'm having a hard time allocating time or motivation for it because it does take hours upon hours of time to do, since they are genuine (1-2 paragraph) thank yous which are tailored to each donator. 

I'm not removing the personal message from my $30-$50 range. I am going to remove it from the $10 teir, as that's where most of the messages and time go, often times leading to people being missed or me totally fluking out. The new revised teir for $10 will include something more along the lines of "a thank you from Sunny." Essentially, it may or may not be personalized to avoid it getting overwhelming for me. 

I hope that this is okay for everyone and no $10 Patrons feel left out! You know I love you all and the support keeps me rolling. I just want to make sure everyone is actually GETTING their rewards, and this is one way to make it more doable for me. Thank you all again!