Thanksgiving “break” + Hangouts!
I will be taking a “break” during the week of the US Thanksgiving holiday. I say “break” because I will be working my butt off during that time to rebuild my buffer. I normally like to operate with a MINIMUM of a dozen pages of buffer. Right now I’m down to…2. Which makes me exceptionally anxious(er). There’s just been too many conventions, presentations, commissions, and work stress lately and it has eaten through my reserve like alien blood through a bulkhead. So, I have decided NOT to post pages next week…BUT, since I don’t like just doing NOTHING, I will run some Google Hangouts instead! Here’s how it will work: On Friday the 21st, Monday the 24th, and Wednesday the 26th I will post the following: 1) A link to a Google Hangout 2) The time I’ll start the Hangout 3) A spoiler level warning (Mild, Moderate, or OMG DON’T LOOK IT WILL RUIN EVERYTHING) for the page I’ll be working on that day, so you can make an informed choice about attending. Come watch me work, ask me questions, and keep me company. It will be both fun AND productive. Which makes the Efficiency Beast that lives in my brain happy. Hopefully it will make you happy too! See you there!
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