Thanksgiving Week Updates

This week we're making headway on a lot of different projects we're working on... For starters we are finalists for two Audio Verse Awards! Out of 1248 voters (!) we made it to the finals in the  categories of best writing (Kaitlin Statz) and best male actor (David Cummings - Investigator Uriel). Open voting for the winners of the awards will be happening soon, and we're excited to have made it this far!

We're also excited to share that our show is officially recognized on IMDb:

This week we're listening to Season 2 of the Black Tapes Podcast (investigative supernatural journalism) and hard at work on Entries 3 & 4 of Critical Research. We also got married, moved, and are now the proud owner of ~2700 copies of Liberty: Deception (pictured above in our garage). Feel free to share this link with people who might be interested in a copy of our first graphic novel. Our goal is to reclaim our garage by the end of the 2017, heh:

We'll have more for you soon!