Thankyou! (EM▼NCIPATION: A Journey Through Melanin Mythologies)

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I'm finally coming down from EM▼NCIPATION: A Journey Through Melanin Mythologies

THANKYOU to everyone who came out!
THANKYOU for everyone who has supported me these past few years. It's been a long road from escaping homophobia by sleeping on friendly couches and just trying to experiment with ink drawings ! And now I just had my first solo show and am less than 50 days away from the next exciting chapter of life!

The show wouldn't have been possible without my lovely Patreon community.
I always remember thinking of how nice it would be to have a 10s of thousands of followers, and use that social media combo breaker to start a Patreon. But I am so glad I just dove into starting this Patreon about a year ago. I've learned so much from this journey, and I wouldn't trade the lessons learned (and new body of work) for the world.

Thankyou all so much!
Expect alot of updates soon now that the show is over!

I love you like XO,