#ThankYouPatrons :")
Forever thankful to each one of you.

We haven't even reached the 2K goal but we've already made it. ;_; #rainbowholicstudio is not a dream anymore. It's a real place that will be filled with lots of creative energy, positivity, and kawaii! The entire studio tour + designing will be a brand new series on my youtube channel & you guys will get the early access to this content after I'm done with this month's rewards. :")

To you my patron, arigatou for being generous with your hard-earned money by pledging any tier. To my followers here (even if not an official patron~ I see you guys haha!), thanks for sticking around. ^^v

Focusing on this platform has truly helped me a lot to go way farther from where I was before. I thought that it would take me 2 more years before I can even start looking for an extra place for a place to create (working at home has its cons too & I tend to be workaholic.. so I'm doing this  for my mental health). But a miracle happened, and it was a miracle that took some time, patience, sanity, self-motivation, pep-talk, bedtime prayers, and lots of brain cells (my marketing skills lol). Aki is not here on patreon but I just wanna give him a big credit for believing in my #rainbowholic dream even when there were times I doubted myself & for helping me with all the paperwork + Japanese + everything.

Andddd did you know that when I received the notification from patreon 5 days ago that it's the official #ThankYouPatrons day today (November 19), it gave me goosebumps! :O Soooo sooo timely! :O 

How can everything just fall into place even during my craziest moments? (no filter but I had a breakdown last week haha huhu. My apartment was so cramped & I had around 50 pending shipments from here + my shop! Thankfully, I was able to accomplish everything & I'm down with 3 remaining shop orders unfulfilled lol..). These coming months, I know that it won't be as stressful as the months before! I'm so happy!! :")

If you have time, please watch the video. I took some BTS videos of the patreon journey +  included some clips that might be familiar haha~!! Omg, my first patreon livestream lol...

With overflowing love and teary eyes,