Tharja Emblem Vs. Ryoma Legendary Hero Battle (With all the little details you didn't want to know)

I don't consider Rhajat to be Tharja, so I used a second regular Tharja instead. I do have a Rhajat though.

I was hoping to use Bride Tharja more, but with Infernal inflated stats, it looks like Bladetomes are still king. Even then, blade Tharja just barely did enough damage to kill the first lancer. She is +atk with 1 additional attack from merge. And she receives buffs from Odd Atk Wave 3, Hone Spd 3, and Fortify Res 1, as well as Drive Atk 2. That raises her attack all the way to 75. Kind of crazy how that's only just enough to kill the lancer, even when considering weapon triangle disadvantage, but that's INFERNAL for you. 

And then she easily counter kills the Green Mage.

On the next turn, there's not much movement so I use that opportunity to use Reciprocal Aid on Blade Tharja so that she can use Dagger Breaker later on.

And I move Winter Tharja to bait the Archer. She is receiving a Def Tactic 3 and Res Tactic 3 buff from blade Tharja and has Distant Def 3 Seal as well, so she has 49 Def and 51 Res against ranged enemies. The archer stands no chance. And I move Blade Tharja 2 in preparation for the next turn.

On the next turn Blade Tharja once again gets every buff in the book to another Lancer unit, however this one is able to survive. Fortunately second Blade Tharja is in position to finish the kill. But first I use Bride Tharja to kill the sword unit with exact damage again. Crazy right? She is receiving +4 atk from bering near the 2 blade Tharja's because of Muspell Fireposy and +5 Atk from Atk/Spd Bond and +3 Atk from Drive Atk 2. So she has 61 attack, which turns out to be just enough to kill the Sword.

Then I finish off by attacking the green armor with Winter Tharja, this is just to make sure the healer only moves down 2 spaces instead of 3(healing before the Green Armor attacks, not after) That will keep him out of range for the next turn as well keeping the space open for the enemy to move.

On the enemy phase you will see how completely busted Winter Tharja is. Both Ryoma and the Green Armor are in range to attack her, however Ryoma lets the Armor attack because he would fail to kill Winter Tharja and then die, whom has 43 def against melee attacks(with the Def Tactic buff). Winter Tharja will always proc Glacies against enemies that double her unless they have Guard or Wary Fighter. The Green Armor having Wary Fighter ends up being very fortuitous for me as it prevents Winter Tharja from killing him, which then prevents Ryoma from attacking afterwards. 

That completely ruins everything for the enemy team. Now Winter Tharja has Glacies charged so anyone who attacks her will die. So they send in the blue mage to suicide, which is very fortunate for me since he is the only other unit that can hurt Winter Tharja besides Ryoma so taking him out here helps out greatly. Normally he wouldn't be in range, but Ryoma having Guidance is helping me out greatly.

So the blue mage attacks first since he will deal the most damage and takes Winter Tharja down to 4 HP, which is fine since no one else can actually damage her now on this turn, thanks to the armor unit blocking Ryoma. It was also very helpful that it took 2 attacks to kill the blue mage since it brings the Glacies charge down to 1. That is important since Vengeful fighter is no longer active at 4HP so Winter Tharja can no longer double.

Next the bow unit will attack. He survives thanks to having Guard which prevents Glacies from charging, but that turns out good for me as Ryoma moves to the open spot below the healer(thanks to them only moving down 2 spaces to heal earlier). And then Guidance to the rescue again as the Ninja on the right is now in range to attack because of where Ryoma moved. Thanks to the Archer having Guard, Winter Tharja can obliterate this ninja instead with Glacies, which is fantastic since he was a much more difficult enemy to kill due to his high speed. Winter Tharja deals exactly 52 damage with Glacies to kill this guy. Blessed 42 damage Glacies with 51 Res. It's interesting to note that 80% of 51 is 40.8 so I'm not sure how I did 52 damage since 10 base damage + 40.8 is 50.8.

I still get debuffed by smoke dagger, however that is fine since my next turn is mainly positioning. I attack the green armor with Winter Tharja to gain a charge on Glacies and then finish him off with built Blade Tharja so she is still in position to buff Winter Tharja with Def Tactic and Res Tactic. And then I move blade Tharja #2 under her so she is out of range of the Poison Dagger ninja, but still in range of the archer. Bride Tharja stays in the same spot.

The archer chooses to attack blade Tharja #2 since he can't damage Winter Tharja and would die to Blade Tharja #1, which is great for me as I need Blade Tharja #1 to be at full health. Ninja then does no damage to Winter Tharja and charges up Glacies.

Time for the penultimate move. I move blade Tharja #2 next to Winter Tharja so she gets a Spur Res 3 buff to boost her Glacies Damage. Along with Res Tactic 3 buff she has 49 Res. And she deals EXACTLY 66 damage to Ryoma to kill him. The FOURTH EXACT DAMAGE KILL IN THE BATTLE! So much worked out perfectly in this battle, it was crazy. I did have to promote blade Tharja #2 to get Spur Res 3 though since I sent all my spare Merrics home :x That's fine though, as I'll just merge her once another Tharja Alt is announced so I can have a full Tharja team. NO RHAJAT IS NOT THARJA. STOP!

The archer is then easy pickings for Bride Tharja even though he has Miracle. That burst damage man. Only her second fight so far. Well her Odd Atk Wave and Fortify Res 1 was still pretty clutch throughout. And then finally the reason I needed Blade Tharja #1 at full health, so I can use daggerbreaker against this poison dagger ninja! Miracle has long been charged on Blade Tharja #1 so the poison dagger is no issue for her!

And then finally the healer is easy pickings. He can only attack Winter Tharja whom she can't hurt. If she potentially dealt more than she did(a measly 8 against Bride Tharja) it would still have been a safe engagement for Bride Tharja since she too also has Miracle ready. Miracle is a legit good special for her btw. Check out my Miracle Tharja Build video.

And then we finish off the Healer with, would you look at that a fifth exact damage kill with Blade Tharja #1! Ok that one doesn't count since Winter Tharja could safely deal 4 damage to the Healer as well. And that's the battle. I still can't believe it, 4 EXACT DAMAGE kills, and Guidance helping me out big time.  Every Tharja unit is boss even if they are all red tomes.

I enjoyed this Legendary Hero Battle. I think it had the right amount of difficulty to it. And am always up for more challenging battles like this. I'm still working on a Melee Flier Emblem clear.   Omni H out. 

P.S. Yes I did alternate between Alight and Alight(Storm) in the video.