That doggie in the window.

A lot of people love a certain dog and that's that. This is perfectly normal and ok, just before you run to the breeder or pet shop, do yourself a favour and read about the breed and behaviors they tend to have. This will help you lots during your life. Knowing what your breed tends to act like will help you with training, it will also prevent future reason for abandoning them because of something like barking too much. And yes barking a lot is a breed thing as well as a behavioral problem.

So we have ideas of what breed we want, we then need to look at the amount of time you have to work with your dog and then also what work you want to do with your dog. A Bordercollie is not ok to be a house dog, a pug is not ok to be a jogging partner. A Bordercollie being left without mental stimulation will form serious behavioral issues, a husky not having physical stimulation with form behavioral issues. Look into what they were meant to do as a breed and match that to what you want to do. This is not to say that it has to be like this. It just makes the job of training the dog much easier when it's got to do with their nature.

So we have our dog now, or breeder(registered) or from a shelter.
What is the first step to having a great companion? Trust and love. As a puppy to build this is easy, the stronger the trust and love is the more responsive your dog will be.
Join us for how to train the very foundations of what will lead to an amazing companion.