That Frown Upside down
You lovelies! So yesterday I got some bummer news that my Grandmother isn't doing well. Unlike many relationships with grandma, she raised me while my mom was in school, and has lived with me my whole life (up until I went to college). Being thousands of miles away and hearing the news that she was unable to get out of bed and was having difficulty remembering things felt very shitty, especially cuz I'd missed my grandfather's passing by a day when he was ill in China. All that said, if i was a little mopey last night on the stream, it's because the news was fresh... the drinking didn't help either lol. And yes, I may need to head out to Seattle to be there with her: BUT I AM NOT STOPPING ANY PRODUCTION. Work makes me happy, talking to you guys, streaming, all that ... makes me happy. Everything is good! Yes, there's sad shit here and there, sometimes REALLY sad shit ... but it does no one any good to just curl up and hide. My personal philosophy is : You have to let it pass. You have to acknowledge the bad, digest it, and shit it out. Ignoring it isn't "dealing" with it. If you hide it, hold on to it, act like it's not there, it'll grow and eventually kick your ass when you least expect it. This on top of a lot of other things was just a bit much, but THIS (what we're doing here) the animation, hangouts, etc is literally the brightest side of my days. So if anything has to stop ... it ain't this, baby. You guys rock, big love, smooches, all that! M
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