That Girl
Amy was not the typical woman. Everyone was aware of it. Not of her true nature, to be sure. But they knew very well to steer clear of her. Or at least, most people did. Jake wasn't that intuitive. He had always been...not too bright. But he had been told he had a big heart. He figured that counted for something.

Jake met Amy on a very cold day in September. Unseasonably cold. He found himself in a coffee shop off of Main Street, with a cup of espresso in one hand and a book in the other. He was less interested in the book and far more interested in the tall, dark-haired woman who sat in the corner booth. Approaching her was usually difficult for most people, but not for someone who lacked as much intuition as Jake did. To his surprise, she agreed to the date he offered.

The next day, he picked her up from an old and intimidating house far from the coffee shop. He wondered how she had gotten there, considering he didn't see any cars in the house's driveway.  Jake watched as Amy slowly walked towards his car not long after he pulled up to the curb. She stepped lightly into the car and they took off. A few hours later, after a pleasant lunch, Jake found himself struggling to breathe, clutching at his throat. Blood soaked his white shirt. The girl had seemed to enjoy biting him. The last thing he heard were a few words from her mouth.

"Didn't anyone tell you 'stay away from that girl'?"