That Livestream I Keep Having To Postpone Because Of Weirdly Legitimate Reasons
hi, so today was supposed to be that livestream that i was doing for charity/birthday reasons, however im postponing it one more time for 2 reasons:

1. in light of recent events, i want to advertise it more and now have a clearer idea of what i want to do:

I will have a google doc I will widely advertise where people can sign up to get a (purposefully) shitty drawing anywhere from $1-$10 dollars. T-this takes some of the pressure off me. I'll make them fun, I promise. Fun shitty not lazy shitty. The less money you spend, the shittier it will be. $10 dollars will only get you as far as "kind of shitty".

Patreon donors will get to watch shitty movies with me as I draw that I don't air very often, such as the incomprehensible Sir Billy or Freddie As F. R. O. 7. Both of which are crazy as hell. 

2. two days ago patreon dropped this bullshit in my lap

this....could be really really good. picarto has a habit of dropping the stream fairly often for no reason, i will look more into what this is all about this week and what they permit and what they don't.

thank you for your p a t i e n c e 

please come. this will be next Sunday at 12pm PST 

for real this time

im sorry