That Made Me Trans: Episode 11 - Tangled (Disney Princesses pt. 2)

The girls tackle the a modern Disney Princess, bringing the rich new perspective as their nostalgia comes from their periods of being out or on the cusp or figuring themselves out.  With part 2 of the "Disney Princesses Made Me Trans" analysis (damn we should have called it that) we delve into Disney's Tangled, the retelling of the story of Rapunzel, and Tracy straight up excitedly infodumps for an hour about everything she liked about the movie and the parallels between Rapunzel's need to come out of the closet/tower and the manipulation stopping her and her own life experiences.  A surprisingly heavy topic, but luckily the luscious voice of Alexis is always here to bring us back to the earth where we're all happy and everything's possible.  Also we don't spend enough time gushing about the obviously butch trans girl barbarian bar, we'll have to expound on that in some future episode (SEQUEL HOOK - depends on if the cartoon is any good, eh).

That Made Me Trans is our biweekly comedy analysis podcast putting trans theory into some of our favourite media and talking about stories that have inspired, reinforced or comforted our identities.  You can find Alexis (she/her) at @TransComics on twitter or support her at http://patreon.com/AlexisSergio and Tracy (she/her) at @MinxTracy on twitter.  Feel free to send in your questions, recommended topics, or interest in guest starring on our podcast to either one of us.  We also accept sponsorships, we're totally already down for selling out, YOU could be our first sponsor mentioned at the start of an episode which ISN'T part of a running joke of fake sponsors, think about it!

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