That metal effect =D
And doesn't it just figure that, trying to even out the copper leafing, I found out BY ACCIDENT that the adhesive works far, far better when thinned down? I was applying more adhesive in some places to smooth out the circlet, when a water drop that had been hanging on my brush slid down along the tip - and suddenly, the adhesive was far better to manage, and the copper stuck to it absolutely flat and shiny. Aaaargh.

So, my plight might be another's gain. I'm selling this relatively cheap because the copper leafing didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, but you can always point to it and say, look, this is where Jenny Dolfen discovered how gold leafing worked. :P

If anyone of you is interested in buying it, let me know! It's A4 size, and I was planning on matting it. 

Edit: Aaaaaand... sold! =)