That Sure is One Firey Emblem - The TouchArcade Show #293
WOOOOO It's Friday and we just finished recording one heck of a podcast episode (and video).

As mentioned at the start of the video, if you're in San Francisco either because you're local or because you're in town for GDC, we're going to be doing a Patreon meetup somewhere in the downtown area on the evening of Monday, February 27th. I'm still contemplating a couple different venues where we can all hang out for a little bit without actually needing to rent a space. So, TBA. Just save the date.

We'll be doing our proper party on Wednesday, March 1st at Bin 55 like we usually do. ADDITIONALLY, developers looking to book appointments with us feel free to use this form-

Typically we look to only see new stuff, but we'll make exceptions for Patreon people (assuming we haven't already extensively covered your games) please just mention you're a Patreon person when you book your appointment!

Anyway, I mention at the end of the podcast that we have a LOT of stuff going on in the future between events and other trips and stuff so there's a few weeks where I'm not super sure how we're going to produce the video version of the podcast. We'll do what we can, but otherwise, things will totally resume back to normal in late March. Apologies in advance if we miss a week or two in between there, the setup to record these is sort of elaborate.

Games played:

Fire Emblem: Heroes



Snailboy: Rise of the Hermitron

Warlock's Tower