That was Spinal Tap
(Yes, I know those aren’t people spines at all.  But it was a free image!)


So, Friday was exciting!

I went to the optometrist with some cloudiness in my left eye and ended up in the ER for eight hours for an MRI, MRV, EKG, LMNOPO, LGTB, chest x-ray, and a spinal tap. 

No, really, on most of those.

Turns out the fuzzy eye was/is an inflamed optic nerve and they were worried, with my brain history, that it might be… well, something bad.  One of the something-bads that it wasn’t was intracranial hypertension. 

I’ve learend several things. 

The word idiopathic is almost top on that list.  

I’ve learned what an EKG is like (zim, zam, done) and what a lumbar puncture is like (Ow, but not nearly as ow as people make it sound) and also what an 8-hour stay in the ER is like.  And I’ve learned what happens when they don’t know.

(the nurse looks really sad) (like, she really wanted to have discharge instructions and she was just like… “follow up with your GP?  I should have some answers for you.”)

I have NOT (see idiopathic) learned what was causing the inflamed optic nerve. 

It was not exactly the most satisfying way to spend a Friday, but all in all it was very educational. 

In addition: I have learned that if you have had back problems in the past, you really don’t have much disc left, say, between your 3rd and 4th vertebrae, and that whatever you have left is very upset with the idea of having a needle stuck in it. 

That part was not all that fun to learn. 

So I’ve been laid up for the last couple days, sitting and standing as much as possible (not much, and enjoying the “this is spinal tape” and such things that my husband finds for me online. 

Normal programming to resume soon!