That will be all Mr. Molotov
I've been watching Oliver Stone's documentary on US History since World War 2 and during the episode on Truman, they discussed how he, upon knowing of the atomic bomb's successful deployment, and having met with the Russian diplomat, Molotov, basically came in all kinds of cocky to that meeting and essentially said in barely less ridiculous terms that it was the American way *and* he could GTFO ending that with a, "that will be all Mr. Molotov."

Molotov remarked that he had never been spoken to in such a flippant manner before and was insulted.

The sheer audacity of the comment made this quote stick out and I felt like committing it artistically. Initially I thought I'd use Molotov's likeness but due to my insufficient drawing skills, I decided to use the cocktail. And since I'm using a different program than Photoshop, I didn't photoshop Molotov's head on top of the flames like I am wont to do. Â đŸ˜‚

So if you haven't figured out by now, Mr. Molotov was the namesake of the DIY  incendiary device which I found out not because school has taught me anything but because I connected the dots and Google confirmed their connection. So that was cool.

Apparently during a bombing of Norway, the Norwegians quipped that they were getting Molotov cocktails in response to Molotov's lie that they were showering Norway not with bombs, but with food and supplies. A bunch of salty and dying Norwegians coined this phrase that would be used ironically against dictatorial people henceforth. Oh Norway...

For a reason unclear to me because I didn't research it further, the DIY vodka bomb became the official Molotov Cocktail and that's where we are today.

Anyway, that will be all re: Mr. Molotov.