"Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotȟake"
I recently went to Standing Rock to support the #NoDAPL protests. On my way home from North Dakota, I made it a point to stop at the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Never in my life have I been so moved by being in a new location.

My heart was overwhelmed with many emotions ranging from sadness to anger to reverence when I stopped at the Massacre at Wounded Knee site. The site where many Lakota were massacred by the United States government.Being a Navajo, I fought my whole life to regain my identity and define for myself what it means to be a Native American. Just like the Sioux, the Navajo, have experienced their fair share of hardships. I use my creativity to help me with such complex and difficult topics such as this.I painted Sitting Bull to remember my experience and to also bring awareness to the current plight the Standing Rock Sioux are enduring.