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Many thanks to our 115 supporters who are currently pledging $1,186 per baseball win! So far we have raised $6,584 for the CHOC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit! We thought you’d enjoy this photo of our physicians clowning around at last year’s CHOC Night at Angel Stadium. Dr. James Cappon is a critical care specialist with expertise in mechanical ventilation and management of respiratory failure. Dr. John German is a pediatric surgeon who helped develop neonatal ECMO support and NEC care by developing staging criteria for surgery. ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is a special procedure that takes over the work of a baby's sick or injured lungs so they can rest and heal. It enables the CHOC Emergency Transport Services team to transport critically ill babies from other hospitals to the CHOC Children's NICU. Don’t forget this year's CHOC Night at Angel Stadium is September 20. Purchase tickets online at
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