That's too easy to target
If there's a theme in my writing - and there are several, really, but who's counting - I'd like to say that I try to steer away from the general narrative. I think there's an unfortunate tendency for a big portion of the general pop culture audience to find and push particular scapegoats because it builds a convenient narrative, one in which one group gets to be The Good Guys and everyone else is The Bad Guys. But it's reductive, and it denies understanding of a system with a lot of good and bad both In this particular case, these musings came out of a conversation about how it was someone else's fault when a given big-name designer made a bad game. Which is really a problematic statement to begin with, for various reasons. I thought it was worth devoting more space to explaining why that's such an uncomfortable idea, though, so here we are. Hope you enjoy!