So right before bed I normally think alot and this time I was thinking about Religion. Note that I am not forcing anything on anyone I am just shareing. So my religion is a Type of Christianity called The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints or The LDS Church for short. There are alot of people who would sooner see the church destroyed than to even talk to a member but if you actually go to a meeting or talk to the missionaries that are serving you'll soon realize that the members aren't bad people. Really the whole of the church is made up of people taught to have high morals and standards they are also taught to not look down apon anyone with lesser of either but to help them gain those things and bring them up. There is no such thing as a perfect member of the LDS church though; and many members have been put down and criticized for being LDS and haveing morals that many do not have; which makes it hard for them to maintain their beliefs. Kinda like peer pressure stuffs. That being said it is unlikely that you'll hear them talking about church to anyone unless they've asked with a true intent to learn about there beliefs and not twist there words. The LDS church has two scriptures that they study the first is the [King James Version] of the Bible and The Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is another testement of Jesus Christ. Its a hard thing for me to explain even though I've read it so many times. The Book of Mormon had to be translated by Josef Smith into a language that could be read but he did not write it. (He just translated it, though he does have a passege in it.) I've done alot of studying out of the Bible and Book of Mormon and I've even read books out of my religion like the quoron (I think I spelled that right.) But every time the Book and the Bible have been the only ones I've found accurate. For me I am unwavering on my beliefs. After everything I came to a conclusion on my thaught and thaught that my beliefs are all fine and well but religiously I can't make anyone know what I know and God puts us in different walks of life for a reason wether your LDS, Catholic, Baptist, or anything else you chose to follow those beliefs which is a good thing. I enjoy talking about the similarities between several religions and talking to people about their opinions and beliefs on the subject aslong as it doesn't end with Bible bashing because that gets us no-where.