Here's Thavi, who will eventually be in an upcoming "Daggers of Darkness" novel. She is a Thabbani, one of the founding members of the Sol Federation of Worlds.


Full Name: Thavialasoona Anshathuaithsan (pronounced: thaVIA-laSOONa anSHATHU-va-ITH-san)
Sex: Female
Age: 98 Std. Thabbani Years (?72 Std. Terran Years)
Height: 4 ft. 7 in. (139.7 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (54.88 kg) - Std. Terran Gravity
Hair/Fur Color: Black / light brown with creamy white
Eye Color: Hazel



The Thabbani are a warm-blooded, bipedal, mammalian species that prefer
temperate climes, though can tolerate warmer or cooler conditions as
necessary. Thabbani average 4 feet 6 inches (+/- 1-3 inches), are broad
shouldered, muscular, and stout. Their bodies are covered with a short,
fine, soft, light brown fur, with their front and underside of their
tails a creamy white in color. A Thabbani's ears are long, hairy, and
shaped similar to a lyre when viewed from either the front or the back.
The hair on a Thabbani's head, the long hair on their forearms, lower
legs and feet, and along the top edge and last one-third of their tail,
can be black, dark brown, auburn, or red. The eyes of a Thabbani have a
round pupil, and are typically dark brown, hazel, or green, with a
golden brown being uncommon. Thabbani have human-like hands, with four
fingers and an opposable thumb,ending with sharp claws; their feet are
digitigrade with four clawed toes and tough footpads. A Thabbani's tail
is two-thirds their height in length, and a flattened egg-shape in
cross-section (wider at the top)--it is quite strong, being capable of
knocking the legs out from under most opponents in a fight. A Thabbani's
 teeth resemble those of a canine. Thabbani see quite well in dimly lit
areas to full sunlight, they have night sight, excellent hearing, and
sense of smell.


The Thabbani are an industrious, hardworking people, though also fun
loving. They are athletic, enjoying sports and competitions requiring
strength, skill, and endurance. Thabbani are natural builders, and excel
 at heavy construction and stonework. While working, a Thabbani will
often be found singing, and if other Thabbani are within hearing range,
they will join in, and the rhythm of their work will flow with the song.
 Males and Females enjoy equal status in Thabbani society, which is
based on an elected monarchy with a four-chamber parliament. Thabbani
enjoy good food, drink, music, and dance. They are a hardy people with
strong constitutions, and are not prone to excess. Materially, they tend
 to live simply, preferring well-made hand-crafted useful items (such as
 rugs, furnature, glassware, tools, etc.) over monetary wealth or
extravagant lifestyles. As a general rule, Thabbani tend to be friendly,
 honest, caring, outgoing, and loyal companions. Thabbani speak their
own fast, chittering language, as well as Terran Standard English and
other languages as they may have learned.


Homeworld: Thabb (short form) / Thabbanannubachaniathon (pronounced: THAB-ban-annuba-chani-athon)

Length of year:
 423 days (Thabbani calendar), divided into 9 "months" of 47 days each,
further divided into 11 day "weeks" (the first and last two days of each
 "week" is analogous to our weekend).

Length of day (in Terran time scale): 15 hours, 36 minutes, 18 seconds

Gravity (% of Terran): +7.5%, 10.535 m/s^2

Atmosphere: Nitrogen = 69.0%, Oxygen = 24.0%, Neon = 6.0%, Trace Gasses (argon, helium, etc.) = 1%

Lifespan: 278-369 Std. Thabbani Years (?205-272 Std. Terran Years)

Age of Majority: 70 Std. Thabbani Years (?52 Std. Terran Years)

I drew this using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, a 6B graphite
 stick, various blending and shading tools, a white vinyl erasure, on
Georgia-Pacific's "Everyday Copy & Print" paper.

Art, character, and story © 2015 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).