Thavi - Portrait

(Thavi, a character from an upcoming "Daggers of Darkness" novel)

Okay, I decided to do a "serious" portrait of Thavi -- same basic
outfit, though with some personal adornments. The things in her hair are
 beads and the end that look like tassels are her hair that has been
bleached (I might color this eventually, so in that case, the ends would
 be dyed red). There are a total of seven forming a "V" if you look from
 behind. She has an identical armband on her right upper arm.

I drew this using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, a 6B graphite
 stick, various blending and shading tools, on Georgia-Pacific's
"Everyday Copy & Print" paper.

Art, character, and story © 2015 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).