The points system has been changed


Since December of last year (2020), Steam Hunters offered two experimental points systems, one of which slightly tweaked Steam Hunters'  original points system, while the other completely revamped it. After holding a vote in the Steam Hunters Discord server, and fixing various bugs that the new points systems had...

As of today, the default points system of Steam Hunters has been changed.

The experimental points system that is based on SH% is now the default points system moving forward. The other experimental points system, as well as the original points system, are still available. This means there are still 3 points systems currently implemented:

  • SH% Points
    This points system calculates achievement rarity based on users that are on Steam Hunters. It does not use Steam's global unlock percentages. This points system was previously known as "Experimental (based on SH %)".
  • Steam% Points
    This points system calculates achievement rarity based on Steam's global unlock percentages. It uses other data points from Steam Hunters to adjust the percentages to account for cheaters and players without achievements. As an improvement over the original points system, it uses a weighted rarity to make games with multiple rare achievements worth more, and games with only a single rare achievement worth less. This points system was previously known as "Experimental (based on estimated %)".
  • Original Points
    This points system is similar to the Steam% points system, minus a few improvements. The minimum amount of points a game can be worth is 100 points, which is double the amount compared to the other points systems.

Each points system has their own icon for points so you can easily identify what points system you're looking at.

If you prefer Steam% points over SH% points, you can change your preferred points system on the settings page ( This will make it so that the site shows the Steam% points instead of the default points when you view games and achievements in a list. When you have selected the Steam% points system you can still sort games and achievements by SH% points, and vice versa. Both points totals are displayed side-by-side on the leaderboards.

The original points system is hidden by default. If you would like to be able to see the original points leaderboard, you have to enable this in the settings.  If you prefer the original points system over the others (even though the Steam% points improves upon it), it is also possible to select the original points system as your preferred points system in the settings.

Weekly maintenance

Because the daily maintenance kept running longer and longer, it has been rescheduled to run only once a week in the night between Monday and Tuesday. The leaderboards will continue to be updated every day.

Various other features/bugfixes

  • The legendary achievement filter has been fixed.

In between this update and the previous recap, various features/bugfixes have been implemented that I hadn't mentioned on Patreon yet:

  • Players completion percentages show up to 2 fractional digits (3 in the tooltip).
  • Fixed the red completion star showing on games that have added new achievements.
  • Moderator tools for manually setting games to restricted or unrestricted.
  • Invalidated games are excluded from most stats displayed on profiles.
  • Steam Achievement Tracker comparer userscript is added to the tools page.
  • Long profile names are truncated to avoid layout issues.

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