#the100DayProject Day 52: Stop Comparing
I spent way too long this afternoon scrolling and scrolling through a well-known illustrator's instagram feed. I love their work and at first it's always inspiring, isn't it, to see the work of people we admire.

Then at some point it becomes something else. What was I even looking for? Proof that they're actually human and that maybe at one point in their lives their art was as poor and inexperienced as mine seems to me? A magic formula to get me from where I am to where they are now?

I honestly have no idea. But whatever it was, it wasn't worth it, and I was wasting my time--good, beautiful time that I could have spent creating.

So for me, and for you, here's the perverbial 2x4 across the head:


Stop comparing.

And start creating stuff.

It doesn't have to look like anyone else, or even be pretty or remotely what you saw in your head before you started--this piece wasn't. The point is you just have to put pencil to paper (or however it is you do what you do) and show up. Be there. Stop looking at other people and just be you, exactly where you are now.

Because that's the perfect place to start creating.

And I'll let you in on a little secret.

That's exactly how those people--all those amazing artists--got to wherever they are now.