Theatrumque summae tortura
Hey guys, been quite the productive time since we last talked. I finished writing the entire Forgotten Family Trilogy, got Artura's lines for all of her videos, hired a new map maker, had new characters drawn, and even got a new area made. 

We have the amazing Harley, voiced by Tyranee from The Let's Dub Project and you should totally check out their page. And the young head priest Nevi, I'm actually quite fond of Nevi, if I may say so. I finally got imposter Hahnma too, which means I can finally make the video trust issues! Speaking of which, it seems someone learned a new trick...

And the new area is called Theatrumque summae tortura. It is the sanctuary of The Fallen Bard, and it is rumored that no one has over gotten out of this death trap alive.

I've also been working on the OCRemix song Kuro Yuki, and if you want to see the progress on that and the inside scoop on other things just remember all it costs is $1!