theLanguageApp development plans
Patrons will be interested to know what new features and functionalities are to be added to the apps in the near future:

My French Exam – Writing and loading of a complete set of example sentences (one for each word of the vocab list); Improvement to the Speech Recognition module to better coach students with their pronunciation practice; Development of a well-structured Grammar Section with quizzes and exercises.

Memorize it! – Adding at least 3 extra memory techniques. They work brilliantly in the classroom on whiteboards, so it’s time to bring them to a Windows 10 (touch)screen!

Hear it first! – Shared target implementation (i.e. highlight text anywhere on your PC, right-click and open the app to hear the text you have highlighted); Improvements to the reader with the option to read aloud or ignore speech marks and other punctuation characters.

Other plans: Further development of Je révise l’anglais for French speakers learning English; Extension of vocab list apps to German and Spanish; Creation of 2 new revision tools currently in conceptual design phase; Cross-platform development with iOS, Android and Web.

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