Then This Happened: Musical Stories - Cleveland Balloonfest ’86

Then This Happened: Musical Stories

This is a podcast where a true well-known or slightly well-known story is told and musical improvisers cut in and out with songs moving the story along. 

Each episode would be about 10 to 20 minutes. 

Listen to the Unedited Full Recording of this episode here 


I did eight test runs in two different 3 hour recording sessions in my recording studio. Once edited together, the episodes are all running on average about 20 minutes, and they take about 35 minutes on average to record one. 

For the mixing time, I haven't edited enough episodes to know the average time it takes but currently that's about 10 hours or so per episode.


Liz Stockwell - Cleveland Balloonfest 86

Ron Ervin - That Time Paul McCartney Spent Nine Days in Tokyo Jail

Nicole Perez  - Texas family was told to remove their Christmas decorations because it was too early

Steph Charaska -  The Story of Streeterville

Steph Charaska -  Jane Fonda The Activist

Tamale Sepp - The Vantablack Feud

Danielle Elizabeth - The Ryan Lochte Story

Danielle Elizabeth - US college Admissions Scandal 


To patrons, you guys have absolutely been essential in getting this off the ground. I needed to buy some extra equipment to record this and I was able to do so thanks to you guys. So thank you.


Everyone is volunteering their talents at this point and I'm hoping that I can bring more members onto this patreon so I'm able to pay people for future episodes. 

Another goal is to be a part of a podcast network. I'll be pitching this podcast to podcast networks in the coming weeks. I know some networks pay their shows at a per episode flat rate, so that would help to be able to pay the performers, that's super important. 

Liz Stockwell (Storyteller)


  • Brittany Flynn (vocals) 
  • Matt Castellvi (vocals)
  • Arne Parrot (guitar/piano) 
  • Matt Griffo (vocal/piano/ukulele/melodica)
  • Mike Amandes (percussion)

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