There Are Gifts We Should Never Accept
Many young adults think that they must offer their lives to their parents (families) as a token of appreciation for everything good those people did for them over the last two decades. That they should make their parents proud and happy. They feel that it’s the right thing to do.

They end up prioritizing their parents’ needs and forgo their own. They politely fulfil their parents' plans for their lives. Whatever the parents want (in terms of the kid’s career / marriage) they get.

That’s a terrible idea! Nothing in this world justifies it.

We as parents should never accept that gesture from our children.

We should reject it as unfair, unjust and ridiculous. In other words, do the right thing.

By doing so (rejecting it) we further amplify the message of unconditional love. Love without expectations in return.

Not many parents do that. Most of them actually expect that their kid will be a “good kid” and do what he / she is told. And that’s a selfish thing to do.