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There is nothing wrong with you!
Can you see the next slide without disagreeing? There is nothing wrong with me. Why is that so hard to agree with? For me it is easier to start with you. There is nothing wrong with you. That I can agree with. I can see how you are perfect. What you see as wrong with you, I see as what makes you interesting. There is nothing you could tell me, that would stop me from loving you. I love you and everyone else because that is the only hope I have for loving me. Even if you dislike my videos, delete me as a friend, leave a one star review on my courses, I see you doing the best you can. What is really hard for me to do is be able to look in the mirror and see that there is nothing wrong with me. The only thing that makes it easier is proving everyday how lovable I must be, based on how lovable your are, and knowing that I am just like you. I hope this power thought is helpful for you, and I appreciate your feedback!