There is true beauty in trying to find joy in the things that we already have
Because it is so much easier to use and replace. The friend whose jokes will not make you laugh anymore, you replace for a new one who is able to make you laugh more. You may be already thinking about getting a new dog, because your old one won't play as much as he did when he was young. Your kids are growing up, starting to get their own responsibilities and you're already planning on having another one that will bring you more joy and happiness.

It takes so much energy to see joy in what is old. Yes, it is difficult. And then we keep searching for the so-called everlasting happiness towards new feelings of joy that are as finite as the old ones. And we dive deep into this replacing bottomless hole.

Because we think happiness is always far away and at some other time.

Maybe that is why lots of people write in their social media profile bios things like: "Why do I only like people that are far away?"

Something tells me things are simpler.

Trying to perceive joy in what makes you sad is a wise decision.

Because everything that brings you joy, also makes you sad and, if it hasn't made you sad, it will some time.

The time you dedicate to the job you love, is the time you could be spending with the ones you love. And, spending time with the ones you love, gives you less time to dedicate to the job you love, which also means less money to buy things you love.

You husband or wife takes away your freedom to enjoy other bodies sexually. Enjoying other bodies sexuallygo against the values and principles of a life of two, that also gives you lots of joy.

The parents that give you love, are demanding, harsh and will put limits to your cravings while you financially depend on them.

Grandparents that will not talk about the super cool stuff your friends do, wait for an unpretentious demonstration of love.

The dog that will no longer play, still loves you and will take lots of energy from you to perceive that. Because I know, everything that is old, is boring.

Your grown-up son/daughter will bring you new challenges of coexistence.

We need to renew our relationships and replace less. Because there's joy in renewing. There is happiness in finding joy on things that will not brings us the same old joy.

Finding new things and extrapolating horizons is great. But don't fail to appreciate the ones who brought you where you are. Even if they make you more sad than happy now. Because there is true beauty in dedication. There is true beauty in trying to find ways for a better coexistence.

There is true beauty in trying to find joy in what we already have, without the uncontrolled desire of replacement.

It's turtles all the way down. It's turtles till the end. It's only turtles.

Settle down!

May we be luck enough to find people who think like that too, so we will live in a world with less replacements and more decisions that improve the coexistence with what we already have.