There is a way to stop 5G, but are we homo-sapiens enough to make it?

This article comes from many discussions and lectures I have been giving to “Stop 5G” activists to let them understand the technology and business they fight. 

I want to underline at the outset that I do support and appreciate meaningful activism against the wireless technologies, including 5G (in fact, any G). At the same time, I often get aggravated (to say it lightly) about the lack of basic understanding inside the activist circles. It seems like now everybody is talking about 5G, somehow acting against it, but very few people understand what 5G really is. Often to the detriment of the fight, as lack of knowledge makes them an easy target for telecom industry marketing machine.

Richard Feynman said, “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” Accordingly, any meaningful activism must be rooted in understanding. 

Therefore, it is essential to understand the 5G basics, what 5G really is, and what is not. Most people connect 5G with millimeter wave frequencies radiation. That is not precise enough to bring any real understanding. 5G is exclusively cellular technology (for cell phone networks). It operates within licensed (paid) frequency bands allocated and sold to network operators by governments. In general, there are two frequency ranges used – FR1 below 7 GHz (focus on coverage) and FR2 in the millimeter wave range (focus on capacity). I explained 5G and millimeter wave technologies in my second interview with Nick Pineault titled “Clearing Up 5G Confusion & Millimeter Waves Are Everywhere Already” The video is available on YouTube (, so I am not going to repeat all that here.

The crucial point made is that, along with 5G, various new wireless technologies are being developed and rolled out; for licensed and unlicensed bands, including millimeter waves. There is, for example, new Wi-Fi 6 standard. There are automotive radars in virtually every new car sold. There are thousands of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless devices being produced, marketed, and installed. There are new satellite stations like Elon Musk SpaceX, designed to radiate from space. But they are not 5G devices! 

So one may ask the question: What is the aim of “Stop 5G” movement? To stop 5G? Only 5G?

Even if successful, that is not going to make it health-wise. There will be still a hell of a lot of non-native radiation from any previous Gs, Wi-Fi, satellites, and millions of other wirelessly linked devices, old and new, also in millimeter wave range.

For the purpose of this article, let us put aside the above confusion and assume that we understand all those new wirelessly radiating technologies as a “5G” in a broader sense.

The essential thing about new wireless technologies is that several features of their design (i.e., power management, beam-forming, massive MIMO) make their antennas radiate much less than existing 2G, 3G, 4G technologies in all directions, but much more in the direction of the 5G equipped user.

What does it mean? It means that if you do not have a 5G device in your home or your hand, there will be only minimal radiation from the 5G base station (including satellites). It also means that, if you use a 5G device, the power density radiated in your direction from the base station will depend significantly on the amount and speed of data you require. 

Consequently, if you are standing with a friend and s/he is watching a 4K movie on a new sparkly 5G smartphone, then you both are radiated a hell of a lot more than while your friend is doing a phone call or texting. Most people do not realize that radiated power densities needed for transmitting high-resolution movie are thousands of times higher than those required for a phone call. So here is a truth bomb - in a 5G world, beware people (I should say wireless zombies) around you, beware what are they doing with their 5G toys of destruction. They will be killing you hardly softly each time they are around. 

You may wonder to what extent massive MIMO, beam-forming, and power management are efficient and selective? I can tell you that they are enormously effective. In fact, they are at the core of 5G capabilities to deliver high data throughput to the massive number of users packed together (think football game or rock concert arena) simultaneously. 

Then comes another essential aspect of new 5G technologies. They are built around new communication protocols; in other words, new languages of communication. Consequently, any 5G device cannot communicate directly (using 5G protocol) with existing devices. Surely, in any new 5G smartphones, the 5G protocol is implemented on top of the 2G/3G/4G, and the device can switch on the fly between what is required and available at the moment. But still, any new 5G base station is virtually useless if there are not enough users with 5G devices connecting to it. 

Now, knowing 5G fundamentals, let us go back and revisit “Stop 5G” activism. It turns out, that the most effective activism is not to buy, nor to use new 5G devices. This way, you (and your neighborhood, if most adopt this rule) will not be 5G radiated. 

It goes further than that if you understand the economics behind the 5G implementation. If there are just a few 5G users in the area, there is no profit to be made on installing 5G base stations. It is a significant investment for a service provider. If users do not consume 5G (pay for it), the provider will suffer a loss in the long run.

What 5G providers do right now is a massive marketing effort to convince users to migrate to 5G – meaning to buy new 5G enabled devices. The truth is, however, that providers, together with equipment producers, are in a very vulnerable situation now. Huge investments have been made. A lot of colorful sky-rocketing PowerPoint charts have been shown to convince stock-exchange investors. Armies of engineers are in the race of designing new devices. Product lines are spitting out hundreds of thousands of 5G chips and parts. But if the industry fails to persuade consumers to buy new 5G toys fast, then the whole 5G pyramid collapses. That is the point to hit for activists.

So, if you want to do something meaningful against 5G honestly, do not use it! Do not buy a new shiny iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or another 5G smartphone. Do not purchase new Wi-Fi routers with MIMO and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. Do not buy any devices marketed as “5G” or “5G ready”. 

Do you still use wireless devices in your house? Stop it! Use fiber optic and/or cable connection. Convince as many people in your neighborhood (and beyond) to follow that. Again, realize that 5G implementation weakest spot is the fact that without consumers spending their money on new equipment, the whole pyramid breaks up economically. The industry rush about 5G is to build consumer base quickly. Only then, their investments will bring profit. Otherwise, 5G will be a failure! Here lies the real people power. Under the condition, however, that people decide to turn back from the homo-consumer path, that they start to think independently and act again as homo-sapiens should. Is it still possible in the consumerism driven world? Hardly, in my opinion, but who am I to tell? I would very much like to be surprised.

The point, which I am trying to make is that people have to realize that they (as technology consumers) are the driving mechanism for 5G (or all wireless technologies for that matter). Do not blame the government, industry, or policymakers. They are the same – consumerism driven zombies. They do what sells and what brings them myopic pleasure. They do not think, nor act independently anymore. Thinking and learning are demanding. For the “democratic” majority, it is far more pleasurable to follow some “star” faces or asses on social media and make money to consume ever-increasing amounts of goods (so-called “economic growth”). 

If you wish to step-up your game against 5G, then analyze your investments – do you invest in the wireless industry directly or indirectly? Does your retirement fund (or any other fund you put money) invest in those companies on your behalf? Do you support stock exchange driven “geniuses” like Elon Musk?

Stop financing and buying their toys of destruction. Use second-hand phone, a model from two or more years back. Use it as a phone only. Do you really have to read e-mails and be on Twitter on your phone constantly? Do you really need watching movies on your smartphone, radiating yourself and people around you? The people you claim you care so much.

Enough said. I do not want to give people recipes for their lives. What I do in E.V.E. is  empowering those interested by bringing them an understanding of how vital is the natural EMF environment for our well-being, and what our “progressing” civilization is doing to it. To see this clearly, one must not ignore relations to the economy, business, law, social matters, politics, and science – all those are connected and interrelated in the complex world we are living. Understanding should always come first, then the wise decisions and meaningful actions follow. Otherwise, we are unconsciously becoming obedient slaves to consumerism and “high-tech” industry.