There was a moment... the last Touched By Fire I was in, that has always stuck with me. The last Touched By Fire I was in had a stupid theme (I fucking hate prompts) but I forget what it was. "Unspoken", I believe. My piece was a 48 x 48 foot self portrait with two mixed media assemblage pieces representing thought balloons. One was pink and manic and one was blue and depressing. I fucked up gluing the face to the wood panel, so there's a terrible crease across the upper-left of the girl's face, and when the Touched By Fire people handled the painting, they busted open a couple of glitter pills, which makes the whole thing a piece of garbage, so I was not pleased the night of the show. I did not go anywhere near my painting and I turned my name tag around, as I do every year, but at one point, as we were crossing the room to check out more art, I got blocked by a baracade of revelers so I turned sideways to get around them and when I did, I got stopped again momentarily and in that moment, this older, non-descript guy at the back of the room caught my eye and we looked at each other, then he looked directly at my giant painting looming above and to his left, and then back at me, and the expression on his face was maybe disbelief? Surprise? Awe? I'm not sure what it was but it was clear that despite its flaws, someone recognized me by my self portrait, and that's the only reason I haven't thrown the piece in the garbage. That and the fact that it was the first time I used glitter pills, so if I become famous after I die, maybe a great grandkid can sell it and go to college. Or Madison can throw it out cuz it's a piece of crap, that's cool too. I got my moment out of it.