There's Good and Bad to Everything!

Including being over 21. The bad is, a number of friends and supporters apparently don't feel comfortable pledging money online on a site like Patreon, which supports artists of all stripes.  (Thanks to all you who have been willing to do it!) Instead, some supporters have just up and sent me a check for 6 months of patronage in support of LAST CALL. The good is, obviously, the checks for 6 months of patronage!!! In fact, if you count the extra-Patreon contributions, goal 1 is met! Thank you!  

Fun news in this regard is that one supporter gave on the level that she gets to put a character into the book. She chose not to be a character herself, but chose a mutual friend. I called the mutual friend (from high school days), who is also an author. Happily, he thought it would be  a fine idea to cause some mayhem in the town of Tranquility! 

This has shaken up the character development a bit in the best way--am rewriting some of chapter 2 as we speak--and we're off to the races. 

I'm LOVING creating this town and its inhabitants. Will be introducing characters to you in the near future! (And if you'd like to be a character--or make someone else a character, there are still 3 slots available.) 

A warning: watch out for that newspaper editor, Brent Davis. Not exactly sure what's he's up to! 

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