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There's Snow Angels in Overwatch
"Well..." Angela started, staring down at her hands and chewing a lip. "If they... froze her, perhaps it would result in discoloration of the skin?" But I'm unsure how-"

Mei mumbled something, and Lena's eyes darted over to her. "What'd ya say, luv?"

Mei jumped slightly, and raised a hand to straighten her glasses. "W-well, cryostasis discoloration would have faded by now," she said, in the sharp, clipped voice she'd always used for scientific talks in the old days. "and it wouldn't have been an issue unless she was frozen with incredibly outdated equipment, or with s-substandard methods or..." she faded away, seeming to wilt under three sets of eyes. 

"Well..." Angela said, nodding to herself. "Perhaps Talon is underfunded?"

Lena looked up at the purple woman, who gave a vehement shake of her head and crossed her arms. "Not a chance."

Lena nodded. "Yeah, that rifle of hers is some slick tech! And they didn't have no troubles wiping her memories of the reprogrammin' room like that!" She said, snapping her fingers for emphasis.

Angela scoffed. "Wiping memories is an easy-enough task. Keeping them gone is a bit more difficult, however"

There was a long, pregnant pause as Widow glared at the good doctor. 

"Ah..." Mei started, her eyes flicking nervously between the taller women. "D-does she have any other symptoms? Anything abnormal?"

Lena's nose scrunched for a long moment. "Well, she's pretty cold, but, you know that already. Um... her heartbeat's awful slow, and soft? Like, you can hardly hear-"

"Cherie." Widow said, her voice low and silky, and Lena's mouth snapped shut.

The bouncing stopped, too.

Angela smirked, and Widow glared. 

"Ah, uhm, could that be causing it?" Mei suggested.

"Her heartbeat?" Angela asked, her brow furrowing. "Slowing it to that extent would kill her."

Mei shook her head. "Not with the proper preparations. It's not all that different from cryostasis, really-"

"Well, yes" Angela scoffed. "But there are reasons cryostasis is done in enclosed spaces, there's no way-"

"With a little alteration of the basics" Mei started, pushing her glasses up a tad forcefully, "you could develop something that worked, I'm sure of it."

"And I'm sure it would kill her." Angela shot back.

Lena's eyes flicked back and forth between them, and she swallowed. "We're gonna...ah, c'mon, luv, time to go"

She took Widows hand and they were gone, the door to Angela's office slamming shut behind them.

Angela snatched up a notepad and scribbled some calculations on it for a bit, Mei leaning into her side to read over them as she went.

They stood like that for a nearly a full minute before Angela sighed.

Mei looked up at her, the same smile she'd always had on that face she'd always loved.

And Angela tossed the pad to the side. "Doesn't matter, does it? They're happy together, no matter the result."

Mei only response was to push herself up on the tips of her toes.

Angela smiled and leaned down, and they spoke no more, the near-argument forgotten in the rush of love and warmth.