Theri There comic from 2005-09-19, rebooted
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Transcript: A person is working at a desktop computer. Narration: "Sometimes when you're typing..."

Narration: "...With phantom claws..." The person is now shown as a gryphon, with their claws punched through the keyboard.

In exasperation, the gryphon struggles to get their claws out of the keyboard.

I'm not satisfied with this one, since therianthropes' phantom

sensations don't work like this! A therianthrope can feel like their

claws were passing through a keyboard, but it wouldn't make anything

happen like this. I was trying to work with old (1997-ish) slang from

the dragon community on They had a running joke that

they'd hired a typist due to their claws, blaming them for typing

mistakes. Then they called their human, physical body their "typist."

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