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These Dangers Compromise the Safety of Your BOL
Post: These Dangers Compromise the Safety of Your Bug Out Location (BOL)


Slideshow: Dangers That Compromise The Safety of Your Bug Out Location

Your Bug Out Location (BOL) is supposed to help you when the Stink Hits the Fan (SHTF). So, naturally, you need to choose one that isn’t going to place you more in harm’s way or reduce your ability to respond to emergencies.

Your Location Determines Your Hazards

It is important to consider what benefits and hazards are in the location you are choosing. Look at Natural Disasters and Regional Disasters.

Determine if the following disaster scenarios are possible, if you are willing to accept that possibility, and if so, what steps you need to take to protect yourself from them.

  1. Storms

  2. Tornado

  3. Hurricanes

  4. Flooding

  5. Wild Fires

  6. Volcanoes

  7. Water Supply Risks

  8. Nuclear Accident Potential

  9. Burglary or Mugging Rates


With the Right Location, Medical Won’t be a Problem

Decide how important it is that you can get medical care. Try to be an hour or so from a hospital. This would be located in a town with a population of 5 thousand or so.

When you work hard in a wild environment, you can get hurt. After first-aid is performed, you may need more care. Not enough people give thought to medical care when they decide to move out to the middle of nowhere.

Knowing Your Location Could Save Your Life

If you don’t know your location by address and GPS coordinates, you could be on the receiving end of a three-day man hunt resulting in a life threatening situation.

So, you need to know your BOL address AND YOUR GPS COORDINATES so you can tell them to any emergency services when necessary.

If You Choose the Wrong BOL, You Could Pay a Huge Price

If you don’t choose a Bug Out Location based on known hazards, you will regret it. Determine the consequences of each one and if you are willing to risk it.

If you risk a specific disaster, and end up getting wounded or ill, be close enough to medical treatment so it doesn’t become worse.

If you can’t get to treatment, know how to get treatment to you, or you could pay mortal consequences.

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