They all will get hands on mentoring to help as well

The added service that's included to make all this worthwhile and achieve results....

Producing a CD for someone especially one of commercial standard is a great start for anyone...but there are a lot of people with hundreds of wonderful CD's sitting under their bed years after release.

It is marketing, the right distribution channels, radio servicing, networking & engagement that lead to success.

To make the whole project worthwhile in the long term for each client....  there needs tobe some initial mentoring and input to ensure all their sales platforms & social media are set effectively, radio distribution services are utilised and they are assisted to set up appropriate ongoing activity schedules to ensure maximum possible results are achieved.

So every client in this project will receive up to 6 months (based on individual need) ongoing regular contact and input, mentoring advice time after the production phase has finished to ensure they have as much chance as possible of kicking off their career growth