they bloom despite ourselves
Dear my patrons, hello!

I have been wibbling over this post for the past three weeks. I have a draft full of tear-soaked Feels in my Gmail drafts (which is how I write most of my stuff; also, yes, doesn't this sound familiar, long wibbles and Feeeeeeeeeels!). But -- but! -- let us skip that, head straight to tea and nice things, and I though you would rather just have the nice things and I will do heartfelt stuff when my heart can actually take it. Yes! So, lists!

(I have learned that lists are remarkably effective ways to get me to actually just put stuff out there! If anyone struggles with the same thing I do recommend trying it, for some reason bullet points/numbers help me get over the block.)

1. I wrote a poemthing! Content notes for colonialism, war, imperialism, racism, homophobia, violence, etc... But I would like you to read it, if you are feeling up to it. I posted it on my site instead of submitting it because it was a rant more than anything else and I felt it wasn't baked enough to submit (people have scolded me about this, erk). I need to do liner notes for it (as for all my poems) also. I should do that! Um, when I have brain and words!

2. I have started posting at Awitin Mo more often, and also I am going to try and do interesting things with my TinyLetter (I was thinking, a weekly "stuff I have liked"!) so do check that out if you'd like!

3. Oh! Strange Horizons is doing a fundraiser! All donors are entered into the prize draw, and if you donate over $10 one-time or support them via their Patreon, you get a copy of Strange Horizons: The First Fifteen Years. This ebook is super special to me because my poem, "Seeds", is in it! I write more about this stuff in a little sampler/rec blogpost.

4. I have been trying to think of something to offer lovely patrons at the $5+ and $10+ levels that would be easier on me to give (because of health difficulties it's really exhausting for me to mail things out often) and that would also be very nice and not make people feel they're getting less than the previous rewards. One of the things I'd like to offer is, in addition to the regular coloring sheets (like the Prinsesa one I posted earlier), MORE COLORING SHEETS that would belong to a special series available only to the higher-level patrons! But because I like giving things away the first sample is here, available to all patrons and also to everyone who visits here, because GIVING ART TO PEOPLE = SHINYYYYYY and... and... goodness, no one would think I have an economics degree, huh.

Anyway! :D Here is the first sheet in that series, see attached. I am thinking it will be flowers + interesting things? (The next piece, which will only be for $5+ peeps I swear for realz, features sampaguita and coral!) We'll see, my series tend to evolve as they go along, which is fine by me -- one of the lovely things about doing personal projects, you do what you waaaaaaaaant~

5. I'm turning in my keys to my studio later this afternoon. This is the thing that I was sad about; it's what I previously wrote about, as I mentioned up top. I've found I can't talk about it right now, though, at least not in a way that's good for me; but I think it was the right decision and I'm hoping my home studio, which I'm in the process of setting up, will work for me. I'll post more about my home studio when I can -- now that, it's a lovely place, and the pommas have given their approval (most important consideration).

6. Thank you for being here. Your support has been absolutely vital to me continuing art despite the past few weeks. From the bottom of my heart, maraming salamat po.

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