They can't all be good.
There had to be one. Statistically. One with weird persistent chatty front row hecklers who offer to be your dad then one leaves and then comes back and then storms out 25 mins in. Also festival judges in. I think the show was not the show they expected to see. Which is fine. But tonight was a bit heartbreaking, because the show, (when I do it right) is a really nice shared wrestle with some big ideas and some rough trust falls and some warm feelings and some sad bits. And hopefully a whole bunch of punchlines and laughing. Not a gladiator match. Not a pissing contest or an adversarial throw-down. I can do that in a club. A festival show is the hour where you get to do something actually interesting - it's weird to invite people into your secret clubhouse and have them demand to know why it's not a casino. They have a right to do that, of course. It just seems a bit weird and rude. On the other hand they probably thought it was a bit weird and rude to go to a casino that turned out to be a secret club house with a drawing of a house and some woman turning her brain inside out for Lols and reals. So I guess we both learned something tonight. (I learned nothing but that groups of people in their mid fifties who roll in chatty and drunk are maybe my kryptonite.) Apparently the guy who stormed out had a bad back, which I guess meant maybe he got a happy ending by not being in my show any more. Also, my show is about how hard it is to be a good person and maybe that whole experience was a good on the ground demonstration of that in real life.