They Made All the Decisions
Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Over the weekend, for life drawing, we were required to choose three print outs of black and white sketches done by masters.  One of them had to be done in prisma colors.

When we set them all up today, Mr. Everette told us about a friend of his who does stone sculptures of figures. How his friend commented that when he based his figures on an image, it always turned out so much better than when he tried to make a person from his imagination.  Then he asked Mr. Everette why he thought that was.  And Mr. Everette responded, "Because they made all the decisions.  The proportions.  The angles.  When you do your own, you have to make 'em-- and you don't make nearly as good ones." 

We had to do three.  Here are mine:

I think I did the worst on the middle one (I'm not as comfortable with colored pencils as I am with regular ones), the one on the left is alright.  And I think my best was the third.

As I post these, I realize that my blog is going to choose one of these images to post on the main page.  And if I share it, it'll do the same.  And it reminds me of another conversation we had today about how in America, nude drawing is considered lewdly.

Yes, it's sensual.  But that doesn't make it obscene.

And yes, it's a little strange for one person to stand nude before the eyes of 17.  But the fascinating thing about that is that the model becomes lines--and shapes--and shadows.  Like drawing a flower.  Or a rock.

And anyone who goes to a museum is going to see nudes.  Very likely, they'll even see the works my poor copies tried to emulate.

And perhaps, they might glimpse them with a bit of an artist's eye-- for the curves and the highlights and the lines.  And then it isn't even lewd.  It's art.